Remarkable Engagement

SOLO Mailing Services has worked with Remarkable for the past seven years, providing fast turnaround mailing and address data solutions to ensure that they can quickly and effectively communication with the public.


Remarkable provide end-to-end solutions in creative strategy, public relations, stakeholder engagement, digital marketing, film, video, and social media.

They deliver best-practice, effective and inclusive consultation campaigns for businesses, regulated public sector bodies and charities, seeking feedback from their stakeholders and customers.

SOLO work with Remarkable, providing address data and mailing solutions to meet the needs of their various clients.

Remarkable have hundreds of successful projects under their belts, and their consultation experts can devise and implement multi-channel strategies, ranging from local, project-specific, community involvement to national campaigns.


SOLO has worked closely with Remarkable over several years on close to 1,000 projects, providing data, mailing and fulfilment services.

SOLO send out regular proposal letters on behalf of Remarkable's various clients, including housebuilders, construction companies and large supermarket chains, to give local residents the opportunity to voice their thoughts regarding any possible development plans in their area. These mailings are very time sensitive and often require very fast turnaround of services, including print.  

Once SOLO have received artwork, the usual turnaround time from print to mailing can be within 24 hours, depending on the quantity.  SOLO accommodate a wide range of requirements to ensure that the marketing agency's mailings are a success and reach the necessary people in the given timeframe.

SOLO complete up to 40 map and mailing jobs each month for this agency, ranging from a few hundred to a several thousand residential and commercial addresses.

SOLO’s expertise and experience means that they know how to make the most out of their mailing budget and reduce costs wherever possible through various postage discounts.

SOLO is now an integral supplier to Remarkable and always go above and beyond to ensure that the client is always happy with their level of service.