Clifton Ingram

SOLO Mailing Services has partnered with Clifton Ingram since 2010 to provide support with various elements of their bi-annual newsletter mailing – Citation. As well as mailing support, SOLO also provides Clifton Ingram, with a range of fufilment services, from data setup and cleansing, to printing and enclosing.

Clifton Ingram LLP Solicitors is made up of a team of 100 Partners and Staff, located at their branches in Reading and Wokingham. The firm provides commercial and personal advice to businesses and individuals across the region and beyond. Clients include well-known public sector organisations and high profile corporations, as well as SME’s and private clients. Clifton Ingram has the experience and expertise of a larger city-based firm, but with the convenience of a local Solicitors, providing their clients with advice at the highest standard covering all legal areas. SOLO Mailing Services have worked closely with Clifton Ingram since 2010 on their regular newsletter mailings and provides them with the following services:

  • Setting up of mailing data
  • Flagging data duplicates
  • Supplying and over-printing envelopes
  • Laser printing A4 letters
  • Folding and enclosing newsletter
  • Postage services

SOLO work with Clifton Ingram LLP to clean their existing data and ensure that the firm make the most of their mailings. SOLO provides Clifton Ingram with an address correction report before mailing, detailing how many addresses are correct and how many need adapting to fit the criteria. Clean data is imperative for any mailing campaign to ensure its success, as it means less waste and in-turn generates a higher ROI.

Clean data is particularly important for Solicitors or other Legal Firms in order to uphold a professional reputation and to attain the trust of their existing clients and new prospects. Mailings to gone-aways, deceased or printing incorrect address data may damage reputation and cause bad word of mouth. For this reason Clifton Ingram appoint SOLO to ensure that their data is kept up to date and free from errors. 

Partnering with Clifton Ingram LLP from the initial to the final stages of each of their mailings, SOLO Mailing accommodate all of their requirements to ensure that their   ongoing newsletter mailings run smoothly. Clifton Ingram are consistently satisfied with the results and continue to use SOLO as their mailing supplier 5 years on.