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Global Car Manufacturer

SOLO Mailing Services have been working with a global car manufacturer since 2013 to support the mailing and fulfilment of their UK customers monthly warranty renewal reminders. SOLO Mailing Services continues to work closely with this car manufacturer and have developed a strong partnership.


SOLO Mailing Services has worked closely with the organisation on its regular warranty renewal reminder mailings, providing it with a number of mailing and fulfilment solutions, including:

  • Database set-up
  • PAF check data against Royal Mail standards to ensure correct postal address
  • Laser printing A4 letters
  • Variable data printing
  • Variable letter templates to suit car model
  • Storage of materials
  • Physical proofs
  • Postal service advice


Car owners often forget and miss warranty renewals and this can mean lost revenue for dealerships. SOLO supports this particular global car manufacturer with the fufilment and mailing of its renewal reminder letters, meaning a higher rate of clients that renew their warranty, clients who might have otherwise forgotten without a scheduled and targeted reminder.

SOLO works with this car manufacturer to set-up its data and to PAF check against Royal Mail standards, ensuring that correct postal addresses are used in the process.

SOLO Mailing Services also store the brand’s approved letter headed paper at their warehouse ready for any upcoming mailings that it may have. SOLO works with the car manufacturer from the beginning to the end of their mailing process, including laser printing their warranty letters.  

This global car manufacturer has a lot of variable data within their letters and it has several templates to account for the different car models, warranty renewal prices and dates. SOLO effectively manages this data and makes sure it adheres to the brand’s exacting standards.  

SOLO also provides physical proofs of the mailings where needed and communicates postage advice on where the company can save money on future mailings.

This car manufacturer continues to work closely with SOLO on its monthly warranty mailings and is very happy with the service and expertise they receive on a continual basis.