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SOLO work closely with main dealers, car manufacturers and agencies to maximise the success of the communications impact.

SOLO understand that automotive companies are constantly under pressure to deliver results. Direct marketing is the ideal solution for the automotive industry as it allows you to directly target your messages based on client’s previous history, such as purchasing habits, that other forms of marketing can’t take into consideration. TV and radio, for example, are too general and don’t speak to a consumer as an individual. Direct mail allows for variable messages and complete personalisation that speaks to your consumer directly.

New technologies also allow for you to seamlessly integrate your direct mailing campaign with other marketing streams. QR codes allow the user to scan and be instantly transported to landing pages; again these could be semi-personalised based on the buyer or prospects history. SOLO will ensure that your creative ideas are translated into high-quality execution.


SOLO can help main dealers, car manufacturers and agencies with the following solutions:

  • New model, product or service launch
  • Service reminders
  • Product recalls
  • Event support

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Here at SOLO Mailing Services, we have years of experience working with charities and not-for-profit organisations and we understand that direct mailing campaigns can provide a major source of fundraising.

Research composed by Royal Mail proves that people react more positively when they receive direct mail as opposed to other forms of marketing. Direct mail is remembered for longer and creates a stronger emotional connection with the recipient due to the tactile nature of mail. This in-turn means that the receiver is more likely to take action straight away than they would with other forms of marketing.

Charities and not-for-profit organisations can use variable data and personalisation to target their mailings and increase donations. Using a wealth of collated information such as contact name, previous donation history, geographical location, and history with the charity, all help to create a very personalised and targeted direct mailing. Relevant information will engage the reader far more and encourage further donations than non-personalised mailing.

Variable data can increase donations when you vary your donation request based upon the donor’s previous record of giving. You can contact your supporters and increase your new donor base by using all the information you have to make your message personally relevant.

SOLO can offer support with all of your marketing campaigns through a wide range of services

  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Event awareness campaigns
  • Membership mailings
  • New prospect mailing list supply
  • Annual report mailings
  • AGM letters

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SOLO has supported a number of universities, colleges and schools with their direct mail. Educational institutes continue to utilise mailing as a way to maintain contact with their Alumni, students, potential students, parents, staff and friends of the institute. Direct mailing allows universities, colleges and schools to send information, advertise and fundraise in a targeted, personalised and effective way.

Typical mailings include:

  • Information and newsletters for students and parents
  • Leaflets for upcoming events
  • Alumni magazines and brochure mailings
  • Prospectus mailings
  • Fundraising activities
  • Fresher and student welcome packs

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SOLO can work with you to ensure your events run run smoothly.

Before the event 

  • SOLO will help you find the best way to reach your potential visitors or invited guests, whether you are looking to maximise ticket sales or in need of a speedy turnaround
  • Prior to your mailing, SOLO can work with your existing data to ensure that it is cleansed and checked to Royal Mail standards. If you are looking to reach potential visitors in various geographical locations, SOLO can also provide address data for these specific areas
  • When creating your collateral, SOLO will manage your print requirements to ensure that you have a high quality, cost effective package. Personalisation will ensure that your individual invitations maximise impact and results
  • SOLO has a range of postal options available including tracked postal services if required

The event

  • SOLO can provide storage prior to the event and assist with courier services to ensure that any collateral, materials or stands, are delivered to the event on time
  • Any marketing materials or promotional packs for the event can be fulfilled at our site and delivered to either you or the event location

After the event

  • Storage – SOLO can collect items and store, ready for when you hold your next event
  • Data capture – SOLO can also analyse any data received over the course of the event, providing reports or arranging follow-up mailings

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Financial & Legal

As a financial or legal company, if your marketing strategy does not currently include direct mailing then this would prove a lost opportunity. Financial and legal firms are viewed as traditional and formal industries, where print and mailing are regarded as more of an official form of contact than receiving an email or digital marketing, for instance.

Utilising direct mail as a marketing method is highly recommended for legal firms as mail is seen as a medium of authority. People still prefer to get bills and statements in physical form as they can consider the contents and keep the information around the home.

Direct mail is a great way for legal firms to reach their clients as it is highly targeted, measurable, and allows direct communication with new prospects. SOLO will support your requirements and work against your objectives to ensure that your mailing meets your exact standards.

SOLO’s mailing solutions cover a number of aspects including transactional mail, such as statements and invoices, and direct mail for marketing purposes.

Some of the many types of communication that we handle are:

  • Direct marketing of new products and services
  • Client inception and billing mailings
  • Residential conveyancing mailings
  • Will information mailings
  • Changes in terms and conditions, address or legal structure
  • Newsletters
  • Renewals and sign-up letters
  • Regulatory notices

Why you can trust SOLO…

SOLO has worked closely with legal and financial companies and will understand your needs.

SOLO have stringent Data Protection Policies in place and we can be entrusted with your sensitive data.

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SOLO work with house builders, developers, property agents and landlords to communicate with tenants, occupiers and prospects quickly, efficiently and in a formal nature.

Mailing is an effective way to reach your target market. Personalisation is a perfect way to communicate with property buyers and new tenants as it creates a better experience for the recipient.

Bespoke, luxury sales packs are great for new buyers and can incorporate other value added services that your customer may be interested in.

SOLO can tailor and manage your campaigns from beginning to end to create a streamlined and measurable result. As well as mailing and fulfilment of your materials, SOLO can manage print, with access to a range of specialised printing methods and finishes to really give your campaign the ‘wow’ factor and create a more luxury feel in line with your brand.

SOLO will also cleanse and manage any existing data that you have to ensure that you make the most of your mailings, therefore reducing waste and saving money through a number of postal reductions.

If you are looking to target new prospects, we can also work with you to provide address data to target occupiers in your chosen geographical location.

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Leisure & Entertainment

SOLO support a wide range of leisure and entertainment companies across a diverse range of sectors. We can work with your company to not only provide the mailing and fulfilment of your direct mailing campaign, but also to manage the print of your marketing materials to really make an impact on your target market.

Direct mail is a perfect media to make you stand out from the crowd. It can be used to grab the recipients attention in a saturated digital market, or it can be integrated with digital marketing to create a diverse and exciting campaign which reaches viewers through a number of different streams to really create an impact.

Direct mail is still widely used to promote the leisure and entertainment industry and to reach existing customers and new prospects.

A number of organisations utilise direct mail as part of their marketing strategy and they are realising the benefits.

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Football, horseracing, rugby, cricket and other sporting clubs
  • Gyms, tanning and beauty salons
  • Gaming and bingo companies
  • Art exhibitions and museums
  • Theatres and cinemas

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Magazines & Publications

Publishers are constantly ruled by tight schedules and strict deadlines that they have to adhere to. SOLO understands just how important quick turnaround times are for magazine and publication providers.

SOLO has worked with the Thames Valley Business Magazine for a number of years in the fulfilment and mailng of their monthly publication, along with many others.

Because we specialise in hand-enclosing, we are able to insert any number of additional items, even positioning within specific pages of your publication, if required.

SOLO work in partnership with specialist local printers and are able to offer you competitive prices for the printing of your magazine, enabling you to pass the whole print, fulfilment and mailing process to us, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

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Mail Order & E-commerce

Mail Order & E-commerce

A rapidly growing number of the public are choosing to order online. Retailers have seen a need to stay ahead of the game by offering quick turnaround delivery options. This requires not only storage, but a high level of management to maintain an efficient order process from customer to retailer, to despatch and delivery of goods.

SOLO is able to offer a number of solutions to help manage this process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

As well as providing a number of mailing, data and print services, SOLO also has secure warehousing available to store hundreds of pallets of materials. We currently store, fulfill and dispatch clothing items, beauty products, catalogues, brochures, and water efficiency devices, as well as promotional items and event stands.

Retailers can have access to their very own bespoke ordering system which will automatically update stock levels when orders are placed. Our team will pick and pack, ensuring quality checking processes are followed, and arrange despatch by post or by courier.

SOLO has a great deal of experience in the setting up and management of bespoke ordering webpages and systems. We will be happy to discuss how we could specifically support your mail order and ecommerce activities.

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Political Parties

Political Parties

Political parties still widely utilise and rely on direct mailing as a marketing tool and a communication channel with constituents and members.

SOLO can work with you to provide support with your upcoming campaigns, including the following:

  • Personalised election mailings – personalise your election material for an even greater impact when landing on the doorsteps of your possible voters. Our in-house variable data printing means that we can personalise any part of your mailing
  • Party membership mailings
  • Royal Mail door-drop service with prior fulfilment – Royal Mail provide a door-drop service which you may want to consider for your local constituency addresses. SOLO can provide any print, data work or fulfilment that you may need prior to this . We will then deliver your materials into Royal Mail, fully prepared, so that they can provide the door-drop service. This can be a very cost effective way to deliver multiple leaflets
  • Constitute newsletters and information mailings – keeping your constituents up to date with local information is important and shows that you care
  • Data capture – SOLO have a great deal of experience with data capture and we can provide services to ensure that valuable voter and member information is effectively collated. We can then cleanse and manage this data for you so that it is ready for future mailing campaigns

SOLO will work with you from the beginning to the end of your campaign, providing helpful advice and our knowledge on how to create the most cost effective and high impact direct mailing campaign possible, working within your budget and your time-frame.

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Printers & Design Agencies

Printers & Design Agencies

SOLO work closely with a number of printers and design agencies, both locally and nationally. We have found that design, print and mailing go hand-in-hand and many customers who are looking for print often require mailing and vice versa.

Benefits of offering mailing services as a print or design agency include:

  • An additional revenue stream for you
  • Single point of contact for your customers design, print and mailing requirements, saving them both time and money in the process
  • Win more work by being able to provide additional services which may otherwise cause your clients to look elsewhere for suppliers who can meet all of their requirements
  • Work closely with an experienced and knowledgable mailing house who are happy to provide as much assistance as you need during the process

SOLO has strong, long-lasting relationships with many printers and designers. If you already have a mailing house who supplies your mailing and fulfilment, we would be happy to quote you on any existing or future campaigns so that you can compare our costs and services.

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Public Relations & Marketing Agencies

Public Relations & Marketing Agencies

SOLO has many years’ experience of supporting PR consultants and marketing agencies, including members of the Public Relations Consultants Association and big industry names.

Here are at SOLO, we understand that attention to detail and speed of turnaround is key in this particular industry:

  • We have a great deal of experience of how other public relations consultants and marketing agencies have conducted similar campaigns
  • We can provide a single point of contact for all aspects of your campaign, including the data, print and mailing of your notification letters, leaflets, newsletters, questionnaires, postcards and reply cards
  • As well as cleaning your existing data, SOLO has in-house software to generate the address data from mapped geographical areas within the UK
  • Our years of knowledge and expertise means that we know how to get the most out of your mailing budget and work with you to make savings wherever possible

Campaigns that we have conducted for PR consultants and marketing agencies include:

  • Public consultation and notification mailings, including projects such as new housing or retail developments
  • Direct marketing materials for marketing agency client campaigns
  • Survey cards
  • Invitations to events
  • Marketing materials to promote PR consultants or marketing agencies themselves

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Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Despite an influx of holiday makers who are choosing to book their trips and make travel arrangements online, there is still a great need for direct mail within the travel and tourism industry for those who want to stand out and make an impact.

Email inboxes are regularly filled with holiday follow-up communications, promotional offers and ‘wish you were here’ type emails, so much so that these email are often ignored or deleted, and that’s if they make it through the junk filters in the first place.

As well as standing out from the digital crowd, direct mail is also extremely targeted, personal, and, if you are looking to create more of an exclusive feel, direct marketing is a perfect media. Unlike other forms of marketing, direct mailing is tangible and can be printed on high quality papers with luxurious finishes to really give it a ‘wow’ factor and make your customers feel appreciated.

Direct mail is relevant and can be targeted to individuals at exactly the right time. Travel and tourism companies who contact customers just before, during and after their holidays are more likely to receive repeat bookings and commitment whilst they are still in the post holiday mood.

SOLO can support you with a range print, mailing and fulfilment services to support your campaigns, for example:

  • Deals and special promotional offers
  • Brochure mailings
  • Travel events

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Utilities & Energy Companies

Utilities & Energy Companies

SOLO support some of the largest utility and energy companies in the UK with their mailing and fulfilment, including Thames Water and SSE.

A very fast and efficient turnaround of their mailings is often required in order to communicate vital and time sensitive information. Such organisations need to create positive and reassuring interactions with their customers.

As well as demonstrating integrity and creating a positive experience for customers, well-timed direct mailings also allow the opportunity to offer further value added products and services.

Running a utility or energy company requires rigour; each of the multiple departments needs a wealth of processes to service their needs, not least a fast, efficient and cost-effective way of communicating with customers. SOLO has become invaluable to their clients in helping to deliver this critical business process.


Some of the services that SOLO currently provides to its utility and energy clients include:

  • Short notification mailings for scheduled works in particular geographical areas – these mailings are sent the same day as the address data is received
  • Set up and maintain websites for ordering free water-saving products
  • Store and manage stock
  • Arrange logistics for events
  • Provide staff to help with set-up and running of exhibition stands at events
  • Database cleansing and management
  • Customer surveys
  • Pick and pack
  • Communication mailings

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