SOLO welcomes two new Account Managers

SOLO is very pleased to welcome two new Account Managers, Shana Howard and Sarah Jackson.

Both Shana and Sarah are consummate direct marketing professionals and regularly receive commendations for the exemplary way with which they conduct the accounts under their control.

Shana  and Sarah have excellent backgrounds in customer services, with Sarah having specialist knowledge of print.  Both manage the day to day running of projects, ensuring that there are sufficient resources and materials available and manage the production staff who are responsible for printing, enclosing and distribution.

The Gardens at Churchend Primary Academy

SOLO and Thames Water sponsor the gardens at Churchend Primary Academy  in Tilehurst. 

In the last couple of years we have provided and planted trees, helped to weave willow domes for the children’s playing field and more recently supplied and built a poly tunnel so that they could grow their own vegetables for school lunches.  

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Partners in Quality with Royal Mail

The Partners in Quality Scheme has replaced the original Royal Mail Bronze Member quality mark which was awarded to qualifying mailing houses that supply enclosing and despatch services.

SOLO were one of the first to receive this award and are proud to now be a Partner in Quality with the Royal Mail ‘Mailing House scheme’, which reflects high quality standards within the mailing industry.

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Put your hand up if you don’t know who delivers your mail!

In case there is any doubt I can tell you that it’s most likely Royal Mail.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be!  Of course the mail may have the usual Royal Mail Postage Paid Impression (PPI) or it may have the PPI used by one of the downstream providers such as TNT or UKMail.  In any case the PPI will tell you who it was that picked up the mail and injected it into the Royal Mail system.  What it won’t tell you is who actually put the letter through your letterbox and just so we’re clear on this; it’s very likely that it was the Royal Mail.

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