SOLO Mailing Services
Direct Mail for people who just want to get their message across

If you need to talk to prospective clients, delegates, customers or students, shareholders, policy holders or just the public at large then we can help.

Good news travels fast and often at a very reasonable price.  We can take your message and get it on its way, often for less than the price of a stamp!Quote

If you know who you want to talk to but you don’t know where they live, then call us and explain who you’re looking for.  We can source address data at very reasonable prices.

Don’t spend half you work week struggling to get your mailshot printed and packed.  We’ll pack 400 or 40,000 items and you won’t need to lick a single stamp…

Call Sarah Jackson or Jade Kitchener on (0118) 941 0101 for helpful and expert advice.